Low-cost robotization for a holistic approach to advanced manufacturing

The soaring demand on productivity is a significant factor for increasing investments in robotization. Many companies now acquire robots to solve problems, assist humans and support production. Moreover, the lack of labour power is currently the biggest motivation for operating robotization in workplaces in order to achieve customer requirements, and reduce the time from order to implementation. But while the adoption of robotization is increasing, most robots remain out of reach for the small and medium-sized (SME) business due to the high cost. Robotization can make our lives simpler and better, but only if they are affordable. By K.A. Gerardino.


Autonomous driving: Where are we at?

Autonomous driving is considered a key innovation in road transportation in years to come. It sits at the forefront of vehicle technology and presents an opportunity for brand differentiation in a packed automotive market. Demand for autonomous driving is also trickling down the supply chain for systems and components that allow cars to drive and brake without human interaction. By K.A. Gerardino.

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